Research Infrastructures (RIs) play a key role on many of the last advances and discoveries in science, from the observation of the Higgs Boson at CERN to the exploration of the Universe by the telescopes of the European Southern Observatory in Chile. The scale of complexity, instrumentation, computing resources, technological advances, and also of the investments and the research collaborations required, do not have precedents in science. RIs in environmental field are developing fast, but the corresponding communities still need to embrace them in order to wide collaborations, since the challenges to tackle are in essence of global nature.

COOP+ (Cooperation of Research Infrastructures to address global challenges in the environmental field) is an Horizon 2020 project (CSA, Project Number 654131) whose general goal is to strengthen the links and coordination of the European RIs related to Marine Science (EMSO), Arctic and Atmospheric Research (EISCAT), Carbon Observation (ICOS) and Biodiversity (LifeWatch) with international counterparts (NEON, TERN, AMISR/SRI, CGSM, OOI, INPA/LBA, IMOS, OCN, AMERIFLUX, etc.) and to leverage international scientific cooperation and data exchange with non-EU countries.



Kick-off meeting

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Kick-off Meeting (Granada, 19-20 May)


The meeting was held at Carmen de la Victoria in Granada (Spain), on 19-20 May 2016. Nineteen participants from the different members of the Consortium attended the meeting. During the first day, a plenary session took place, consisting on an overview of the whole project structure and objectives, presentations describing the four EU RIs involved in COOP+ and two roundtables (one about international RIs and another about global challenges to be addressed). COOPEUS, as a starting point of COOP+, was also presented and analysed. During the second day, presentations focussed on describing the tasks to be done within all the WPs. An external overview of global challenges and the role of RIs was formulated. Finally, a general assembly was celebrated to take decisions about some internal functioning issues.