Call for papers: Focus Collection on “Environmental Research Infrastructures: new scientific capabilities to address global challenges?”

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This Focus Collection (special issue), with guest-coeditors Francisco Bonet-García (LifeWatch, LTER), Hank Loescher (NEON), Philippe Ciais (ICOS), Tina Dohna (Marum), Dario Papale (ICOS), Michael Mirtl (LTER) and others to be defined, is oriented to environmental global challenges and research infrastructures.

In this Focus Collection, global environmental challenges and the emergent scientific and technological capabilities of environmental research infrastructures will be highlighted. Our aim is to describe how the science provided by international research infrastructures is helping to address some of the most significant environmental global challenges which humanity currently faces. We are looking for cooperative and interdisciplinary contributions that put together ideas from ecology, biogeochemistry, Earth science or social sciences to describe the role of research infrastructures addressing global challenges. We aim to promote the knowledge transfer among domains (consilience), helping to permeate the borders of scientific disciplines. Focal areas of interest for this collection include, but are not limited to, challenges such as: coral bleaching, plastic debris in the oceans, alterations of biogeochemical cycles, impacts on biodiversity, geohazards and extreme events, emergent pollutants, human impact on coastal areas or global urbanization process.

The selected journal for this Focus Collection is Environmental Research Letters (I.F. 2016: 4.04). More details about the call can be found in the journal website.


The review process will be done through ERL review and follow the general guidelines as all publications of this journal.

Types of manuscripts

For this Focus Collection, all ERL types or articles will be considered. Please read carefully ERL key information before submission.


Submissions will be accepted until 15 April 2018. ERL will publish this focus collection incrementally, adding new articles to this webpage as and when they are accepted for publication following peer review. Therefore, if you submit early in the period your article will not be held up waiting for the final article.

Potential paper topics

In order to explore environmental global challenges and research infrastructures’ role in them, we encourage contributions addressing the following issues:

  • Are research infrastructures ready to address global environmental challenges?

New monitoring approaches, techniques to foster data integration, new threads to collaborate, guidelines for the construction of new research infrastructures, etc.

  • Cooperation on the move

Descriptions of successful examples of cooperation among international research infrastructures. We call here for research in multidomain research on specific aspects of global challenges involving international research infrastructures.

We look forward to your contributions!

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