Subscription for FIERI: FORUM on International Cooperation among EnvironmentalResearch Infrastructures

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Environmental research infrastructures are the key elements to monitor the dynamics of our planet over longer time scales. Challenges resulting from climate change, biodiversity loss, exceeding carbon emissions, and natural or anthropogenic hazards can only be fully assessed by crossing borders between scientific disciplines and nations. The global nature of the challenges, the scale, and complexity of the required resources, and the development of information and communication technology require the development of a broad international collaboration in research and knowledge sharing.

Research Infrastructures (RIs) are designed to offer research services for wide user groups. From the scientific information that is derived from the individual research infrastructures, a knowledge base has to be developed that forms the base for a holistic study of the Earth System.

The Forum for International cooperation among Environmental Research Infrastructures (FIERI) is meant to facilitate communication and global cooperation across environmental disciplines.

FIERI will:

review the environmental RI landscape for joint strategic opportunities to leverage strengths, address gaps, and share resources;
be aware and proactively contribute to the main RI worldwide policies (e.g., policy from GSO G8 and from OECD, ESFRI, etc.), initiatives and trends;
share knowledge and best practices for research infrastructure management, technology, and science;
stimulate coordinated funding from different countries/participants to strengthen international cooperation among RIs.
The undersigned representatives of environmental research infrastructures indicate their intent to join FIERI.


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